Automotive / Marine / RV / Commercial

The Automotive, Marine, RV and Commercial industries are each quite different and require multiple levels of expertise to service properly.

Today’s Automobiles and Light Trucks with their use of power options, air conditioning, accessories, amplifiers and more, require higher amperage alternators than years ago. Simply put, the alternator your grandfather used will not work in today‚Äôs automobiles and light trucks. Remanufacturing both Alternators and Starters for modern vehicles requires the technical expertise provided by AFB Auto Electric.

RV and Marine’s applications take the challenge to a whole new level. Faster Charging Rates, High Demands, and Repeated Heavy Loads require high amperage alternators that can operate in higher heat environments and under load for longer durations.

Both Marine Starters and Alternators must be spark-proof as well. With the closed environments in marine applications, both alternators and starters must be built to avoid sparking and potential danger.

Commercial customers require all the above mentioned with regards to starters and alternators, but also require Rebuilt DC Motors for the operation of compressors, hydraulics, ventilation and more.

Downtime is costly for any business. When equipment breaks down, our customers rely on AFB Auto Electric to provide or rebuilt their DC Motors quickly and efficiently, ensuring they are operating a full capacity in the shortest period of time.

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